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Pizzulata is
Simone Attanasio
UI Designer in love with usability, essentially a happy guy based in the world of designers.
Gossip About Me

My job is my passion, so it goes beyond office walls. At home, on the street, I'm always online. Thanks to my curiosity and my spirit of enterprise, I always work with a smile and with professionalism. I often try to improve my skills by studying, keeping myself up-to-date and joining workshops on this subject.

  • • Spirit Of Entreprise
  • • A Bent For Team Work
  • • Good At Working To Reach A Goal
  • • Excellent Communication Skills
  • • High Flexibility

Also, I've a long hot beautiful cover letter for you and it's free!

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and I like to subscribe to every kind of web service, site, ecommerce, etc. not only for fun, but to study their user interfaces and interactions.

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My Recipe

I put 300g of love in what I do

20g of Analysis & Research

Doing analysis and research is the first useful step to figure out what that project is and which the fundamental requirements are

150g of Wireframe & Prototype

What would be a web project without his wireframe and his brother, the prototype? Thinking about how these UI pieces are working together, finding the best User Experience....

1000kg of Mockup

Usually I shake my brain hoping that something jumps out; sometimes, I draw circles and strange shapes and I waste my time drawing subtle pixel borders

12g Usability Testing

Give your mockup to your selected public and you will have a good mix of bad clicks, strange questions and happy faces, I hope....

500g Final Mockup

Now I'm happy because I just turn my beautiful gradient into a uniform background, because my Css brain is telling me so. After that you can eat your design and be a better person.
Ok, now I can tweet....

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Remember, a post-it will save our lives...

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- I apologize to Dalai and Steve for the improper use of their names, every word comes only from my mind -
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