Simone Attanasio is a User Experience and Interface designer based in Melbourne.

26/05 yes, I'm working on my new website
28/05 yes, I like pasta
30/05 yes, microinteractions can change the UX...
01/06 yes, marshmallows are part of a meeting
03/06 yes, I love pixels
04/06 yes, swipe swipe swipe
11/06 yes, users are everywhere
13/06 yes, 300g of rationale
14/06 yes, add interactions, shake the interface, get the experience
14/06 yes, tap likes click
16/06 yes, wireframes make me a better person
24/06 yes, flawless flows are cool but
24/06 yes, human behaviours are unpredictable
30/06 yes, two dots can make a line
13/07 yes, real world analogies are important
16/07 yes, what about prototyping
28/07 yes, there are many ways to innovate